EV Charging specialists providing advanced Electric Vehicle smart solutions, Lease options available.

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5-Year Warranty

Pro Earth No spike required

Cable Lock System

18th Edition Compliant

Solar Compatible

Integrated RCBO Isolation

Dynamic Load Management

Off-Peak Time Shifting

At Range, we’re fully qualified to install a variety of charging point solutions, tailored to your business’ requirements. Our team of engineers have installed EV charging solutions in numerous commercial settings including supermarkets, industrial units, and restaurants.

We can supply, design, install and maintain an array of electric vehicle charge points, designed to meet your unique requirements and budget. Our smart chargers are compact, innovative, and solar compatible, on top of that, each of our charge point installations come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Our Mission

  • Working to create more accessible chargers for everyone ready for the big change to electric.
  • Drive Range to be a Giant in the EV Charging industry by installing cutting-edge technology and providing the best service possible.
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Go Electric for a Sustainable Future

Everybody is going electric; the range of vehicles is bigger than ever with all manufacturers from Ford to Ferrari, domestic and commercial vehicles are all making introduction EVs a part of their core range. The infrastructure is growing at the same pace with more accessibility to charge points across the UK.

Go Electric Now and Save
Switching to an Electric Vehicle can potentially save you £100s annually. Find out how much you could save.

You’re in Control

Project EV App

The FREE Project EV App allows you to choose and customise charging rates, prioritise off-peak charging to maximise savings (including via a solar charging mode) and create charging records; so you can see and control all your data.

EV Pro
The Project EV Pro App is a unique EV charging platform, providing you the ability to utilise public charging capabilities, to manage and control multiple chargers – from which you can generate a fluid revenue stream.

Lease an EV Charger from £20 per month

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Go Smart Today

Speak with our professional team and let us show you how using the latest smart electric vehicle technology can not only improve your environmental impact, but also reduce your annual vehicle costs.

Simply fill in the form with your details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs. Or get in touch using our contact details below:

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